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VAT registration and reporting​

In some cases VAT registration is required in order to comply with European VAT legislation. This is the case, if the company is selling products or services to an end-user, in which case you are required to charge VAT from the customer on behalf of the tax authorities. However, this also means that the VAT paid relating to the product or service offered, is most likely eligible for reclaims. Products sold to end-user could also be products sold on-line and/or imported into Europe. Services sold to end-user can be such services as installations, maintenance or service plans. If a company is organizing an event or a conference in Europe, for which they charge an attendance fee, a VAT registration should be in place prior to the event.

In other situations a VAT registration in Europe is recommended in order to obtain a VAT refund, as not all countries refund US based companies. Hence, if a product is being bought and maybe also sold within the EU, a VAT registration in Europe can lower the cost significantly as the VAT on purchased goods becomes refundable with a VAT registration. In many European countries it is not a requirement to have an established business in Europe in order to set up a VAT registration. Depending on your business, we can advise you, as to which country/countries you should be registered in for VAT purposes in order to legally optimize your businesses in Europe.

VAT Management will assist you with your company´s specific requirements and rules and with the VAT Registration. In addition we can also assist with the management and filing of the periodic VAT returns to the VAT authority – and assist with the processing of your company´s payment of any difference between collected and paid VAT.

​Partnering with VAT Management on your VAT registration will give you clarification of the complex rules of VAT requirements and regulations to help you ensure that your company is in compliance with European VAT rules and regulations. In addition, it will remove all language barriers as most applications can only be done in the local language.

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