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Who are eligible for a VAT refund?

A company can be entitled to reclaim the VAT from its business expenditures in a foreign country if the following minimum requirements are met:

  • If a non-EU established business is seeking a VAT refund from a European country, the home country of the applicant has to have a reciprocity agreement with that particular European country – meaning that the country of the applicant has to grant the same treatment to businesses from that European Country. Hence, not all EU countries grant VAT refunds to US based businesses.
  • The company must provide written proof from the authorities confirming that the claimant is registered for business purpose (for US based companies they will need to provide the IRS 6166 form). If the company´s country of origin is within Europe it has to have a VAT registration in its country of origin.
  • Only VAT paid on business-related expenses is eligible for VAT refund.
  • The company cannot have been subject to VAT in the country in question in the period from which one is reclaiming the VAT.

In some cases refund will not be granted to a US based company if the company has a VAT registration in another EU country.

Please contact us for a short free consultation on the VAT arrangements in the country in which you wish to reclaim your VAT.​

On which expenditures can we obtain a VAT refund?​

In general, a foreign company is eligible for a VAT refund from the same expenditures as a local company has VAT exemption on. However, as the VAT regulations vary from country to country, the possibilities for VAT refunds also differ. Please contact us for further information on the country of interest to you.

The refund process

When your company partner with VAT Management, we will send you information about how your staff should ensure that the invoices and receipts they get from business activities in Europe meet the form and requirements from the tax authorities. We will also send you information as to which types of expenditures are eligible for a VAT refund in the countries of interest.

Depending on your amount of VAT refunds we advise you that VAT reclaims are submitted up to four times a year. The steps in the processes are as follows:

  • Following our guidelines you retrieve all the original invoices and receipts
  • Replace the original invoices with copies marked ”Original removed by VAT Management for VAT refund purpose”.
  • Send the original invoices to VAT Management together with the necessary power of attorney and a written proof of economic activity issued by the authorities (the IRS 6166 form) together with your contact information.
  • VAT Management will review your invoices and we will contact your supplier if any invoices need to be corrected in order to meet the form required by the tax authorities
  • We prepare and submit the application and ensure that all required documents are submitted. We will take care of all communication with the authorities.
  • It generally takes the European tax authorities about 4-6 month to process a VAT application, but in case of dispute it may take longer. Once your VAT refund is granted, the refund less our fee will be paid to your company. When we receive your original invoices from the authorities we will return them to your accounting department.

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