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Why partner with VAT Management?


The application process for VAT reclaims is a time consuming task that requires knowledge about the application rules and processes that applies in each specific country. Managing the requirements, deadlines and procedures for all countries in an efficient manner can only be done using a specialized IT-system, having a well-educated staff and optimal business processes. Our IT system has a built-in validation system that makes sure that very specific local requirements for VAT refunds are being met. The system allows us to handle large amounts of data and track individual transactions down to each invoice filed. Furthermore, the system increases efficiency allowing us to upload large amount of data to the tax authorities.

VAT Management handles a large amount of applications for VAT refunds every year, which allows us to create further efficiencies. We continuously strive to improve our efficiency in the following three areas

  • Improving the process time of the application for refund through automation and streamlining of our business processes
  • Improving the success rate for a refund at each countries tax authorities
  • Increasing the number of transactions. We help our clients identify more transactions where VAT has been applied and we also process transactions where the VAT amount is small (e.g. Taxi receipts)

Experience, Competence and high Quality

All our employees are highly educated and trained in the area of VAT. The typical background of our staff is a Bachelor or Master of Science in Business Economics and Auditing.

Our employees are experts at helping your company identifying invoices containing VAT – we know where to look and what to look for. Hence – with new clients we often help increase the number of invoices identified.​

This is due to our years of experience, our International network of VAT- and TAX experts and the fact that every year we send thousands of applications to the tax authorities in numerous countries. In addition, 92% of our applications are being accepted without any questions asked and any subsequent re-applications are generally being accepted.


Twice a year our clients receive a report that shows their outstanding VAT refunds from each country and how much they have received in VAT refunds. On request – e.g. from your accountants or auditors – we are able to provide a status on the application process based on application number, country or individual invoices filed.

Everything to gain – nothing to lose

NO CURE - NO PAY! Our fee is based on our success. If you do not receive a VAT refund we do not charge you a fee.​

Mantziusvej 2A

2900 Hellerup

CVR-nr.: 26 33 31 80

Tlf: +45 39 10 12 30

Fax: +45 39 10 12 31

E-mail: info@vatmanagement.com