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About VAT Management

VAT Management is a Scandinavian based market leader in the area of European VAT reclaim. Our clients are primary the large listed corporations in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, but our client base is expanding outside EU.

Our clients are found cross industry and we are strong in production, services, telco, law firms and audit firms, including the Big4.


VAT Management ApS

Mantziusvej 2A
2900 Hellerup

​Tel: +45 39 10 12 30

Fax: +45 39 10 12 31


Welcome to VAT Management​

VAT Management assists companies that conduct business in Europe with filling applications for refunds of the European sales tax called Value Added Tax (VAT). We also help US companies with VAT Management and VAT Registration if needed for their European representation.

Value Added Tax is added to services such as hotel stays, meals, local transportation cost, marketing cost, registration cost for conferences and trade shows etc. For a typical US based company with travel activities to Europe the VAT may account for approximately 5 % of their total international travel-related spend. Hence, contact us today for a free consultation on how to maximize your VAT reclaims.

Reclaiming VAT from European countries is a complex and time-consuming task for the individual company as VAT laws and procedures differ from country to country. VAT Management handles the entire reclaim process for your company – from identification of transactions and invoices to the refund of VAT. We handle this procedure in co-operation with the governmental agencies in most European countries and have devoled an IT solution specifcally designed to ensure compliance, efficient processing and tracking of documents.​

Mantziusvej 2A

2900 Hellerup

CVR-nr.: 26 33 31 80

Tlf: +45 39 10 12 30

Fax: +45 39 10 12 31

E-mail: info@vatmanagement.com